Apr 13, 2010

Which is the best firefox or Opera/chrome /safari part-IV

Rank :2

Opera has been consider as world's most innovative browser.It is the first browser who introduces
Tab browsing idea and now every browser has tab browsing feature. Its latest build 10.50 is optimised
for speed and hide all features in its new user interface. Its fast,stable,featureful and simply it has wow effect.
Topped every test like acid test (100/100) and other.

Some notable points of Opera in my test:
Feature and stability  : 8/10
fastness               : 9.5/10
Virus proof            : 8/10
look and feel          : 8/10
Market Share         : 3/10
OS support            : 7/10(only 32bit windows,Mac,Linux)
               Total   : 43.5/60

Editor Advice: Usable and ideal for any OS, its Opera turbo is really good for slow Internet.

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