Dec 26, 2010

Linux Mint Debian (201012) released!

Linux Mint released its Debian based distro (201012). It is their own distro taking Debian as development platform and actually they also got huge Linux user support. Linux Experts is also seeing opportunities in its Debian version.

Linux Mint Debian (201012) Screen shot :
Linux Mint Debian (201012)

Editor's Quick Review : Its Damn fast on my old machine which doesn't support Compiz fusion. Its Linux so Virus free , detected all my hadware also my Samsung C 5130 3G phone. I am using my phone as my internet device and BSNL 3G is really fast. I am using this distro for one day and it did not crash for a single time.
I am using 64 bit edition , facing flash problem in Mozilla Firefox. I am tesing this distro and with in a week E will share my experience till then please wait.

"Whats new in this release :

  • All Mint 10 features
  • 64-bit support
  • Performance boost (using cgroup, the notorious “4 lines of code better than 200″ in user-space)
  • Installer improvements (multiple HDDs, grub install on partitions, swap allocation, btrfs support)
  • Better fonts (Using Ubuntu’s libcairo, fontconfig and Ubuntu Font Family) and language support (ttf-wqy-microhei, ttf-sazanami-mincho, ttf-sazanami-gothic installed by default)
  • Better connectivity and hardware support (pppoe, pppoeconf, gnome-ppp, pppconfig, libgl1-mesa-dri, libgl1-mesa-glx, libgl1-mesa-dev, mesa-utils installed by default)
  • Better sound support (addressing conflicts between Pulse Audio and Flash)
  • Updated software and packages
If you’re new to LMDE, welcome to Linux Mint Debian. Enjoy the release, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!"

DOWNLOAD LINK ->>  [32-bit] [64-bit]


Dec 22, 2010

OPERA 11 Final - World's Fastest Browser

Opera Software debuted the newest version of its award-winning browser , Opera 11 ,combines elegant design, smart updates to some of its most popular features and new ways to customize Opera to your preferences
According to Opera's Website it is World Fastest browser.
"The Carakan JavaScript engine has been further enhanced to run more quickly than ever! This makes Opera 11 the fastest browser on Earth in many performance tests. Even complex webpages load and run with lightning speed."

What’s new in OPERA 11 -
  • Tab stacking—Keep many webpages organized easily with Opera's tab-stacking capabilities.
  • A more secure address field—Hide the complexity of long web addresses and help you stay safe when browsing.
  • Extensions—Add new functionality from Opera's extensions catalog with a single click.
  • Visual mouse gestures—Learn how to perform many browser actions quickly, with only a mouse.
  • Search suggestions—Get Google search predictions in your address field and speed up searching.
  • Mail panel upgrade—Drag accounts and mail items where you want them.
  • Plug-ins only on demand—Have plug-ins ...............
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Nov 28, 2010

Fedora 14 is not for Novice

Fedora is quite popular distro and now I am going to depict experience with Fedora 14. I feel it not for novice user so I provide a easy to use Codec installation for novice user.

Distrowatch Ranking - 2

My Test Machine:

AMD64 3000+ Processor
MSI Motherboard
ESPON C 58 Printer
Samsung 15" Monitor.

LIVE CD FEDORA 14 64 bit

First Impression:

I took Gnome Live CD for my experiment. Installation was excellent ; installation was smooth and took less time to Ubuntu 10.10.

FEDORA 14 Screen shot :

Hardware Detection:

Quite impressive,detected all my hardware and also my friend's webcam who uses Lenovo Laptop. So , its simply great. Now one can use Internet using Bluetooth DUN modem.

Software Selection :

Here Fedora lacks behind other distribution.
it lacks

  • Open Office
  • Most famous GIMP
With out  Word Processor and Spreadsheet application imagination of a true desktop is useless. novice user find very difficult to adjust to this desktop. I don't know what fedora packed in their around 700MB Live CD.

Multimedia Experience :
Fedora does not come with any codecs  to play MP3 or any multimedia file. Only one can playopen source format .ogg and ,ogv files. When I want to play MP3 it start searching for suitable Pro gramme and after 15 minute of search it failed to download the codecs. Note during Codec download my computer was connected to internet. I downloaded codecs using console that is quite difficult for Novice user. To make Fedora desktop experience user friendly I am going to share how I downloaded the codecs to my system?

Codec Installation :
Open Terminal Applications > System Tools > Terminal. then su – for a root user . Enter your root password. All the commands are performed as ................

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Nov 16, 2010

Too many Linux distro makes Windows 7's Success

Everyone has to accept Windows 7 is great success for Microsoft , they got some hard cash , and if you talk about it selling then brakes its record of Selling Windows XP. After the failure of Windows vista Microsoft got an Armour that make him alive in this competitive market .Now Microsoft is preparing to launch WINDOW 7 mobile OS for Mobile Devices.

Windows OS has recently got a competition From Linux but now its seems Linux makes Windows 7 success story. There is more then 1000 Linux distro in the market that makes people confuse which one to choose and where Microsoft hold on its product. There is another competitor of Microsoft and that is MAC but they sell their OS only with their hardware , and it supports only Intel Processor they haven't release yet support for AMD.
Reason goes against Linux  -

  1. More than 1000 distro
  2. Hardware vendor is running after money and not showing his readiness towards Linux ,Most of them doest not provide Drivers to Linux OS .
  3. Top Linux Distro like Ubuntu , Fedora , OpenSuse... fight against themselves.
  4. Release cycle of Linux distro is very short around 6 month , sometimes they releases a buggy OS.
  5. Linux Lack some of Good  software Like Photoshop, AVID, Coreldraw .MS Office  alternates available but these software gaint has  more then 70% market share and not willing to provide a Linux version of this software.
  6. People thought Windows OS is simplest one thats why they don't want to give a try. In market Windows user spread  rum ours that...........

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Oct 4, 2010

Mandriva XFCE 2010 Spring is a big disappoinment

Mandriva XFCE is a lightweight distro but I don't think so because it failed to install in my PC that supports KDE 4.5, Windows 7 and Vista. then How can I say it as light weight.But it installed successfully on my friend PC who has high end Configuration.

My PC's Specification:
AMD Athlon 3000+ 2GHz
80 GB Hard disk
64 MB Graphic Memory
1024*768 Monitor Resolution

My Friend PC's Specification:
Intel core2duo 2.93GHz
500GB Hard disk
256 MB Graphic Memory
19" LG LCD

What's New in Mandriva XFCE 2010
  • kernel
  • XFCE 4.6.1
  • glibc 2.10.1
  • xorg 1.6.5
  • mozilla firefox 3.5.5
  • 3.1.1 
  • .......

Sep 30, 2010

Sabayon 5.4 released

Fabio Erculiani has announced the release of Sabayon Linux 5.4: "On the behalf of the Sabayon Linux team, we are happy to announce the immediate availability of Sabayon Linux 5.4 KDE and GNOME editions. Features: more than 1,000 updated packages since Sabayon 5.3 and more than 100 bugs (stability, usability and performance) fixed; shipped with desktop-optimized Linux kernel 2.6.35; providing extra server-optimized, OpenVZ-enabled and VServer-enabled kernels in repositories; installable in 10 minutes; fast boot time and lightweight default system; ext4 file system as default; official Btrfs file system support; encrypted file system support; featuring X.Org 7.5 and up-to-date open-source, NVIDIA and AMD video drivers; containing GNOME 2.30 (with GNOME Shell) and KDE 4.5.1...." The complete release announcement can be found on the project's user forum.

Download: Sabayon_Linux_5.4_x86_K.iso (1,904MB, MD5, torrent), Sabayon_Linux_5.4_x86_G.iso (1,486MB, MD5, torrent), Sabayon_Linux_5.4_amd64_K.iso (2,048MB, MD5, torrent), Sabayon_Linux_5.4_amd64_G.iso (1,619MB, MD5, torrent).

Sep 22, 2010

Spice Mi 300- Android Based phone by Spice

Spice Mi 300- Spice Mi-300 is a Wi-Fi Enabled Mobile Phone Based on the Android 1.6 comes with 3.2 inch large touch screen and 5MP camera Spice Mi 300 Full Specifications :
  • Mfd. By: Spice
  • Model: Mi 300
  • Network GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz/UMTS
  • Bands: 900/1900/2100 MHz
  • Weight 114 gm
  • Dimensions 114.9 x 56.8 x 12.6 mm
  • OS- Android 1.5  Eclair version 1.6
  • 3.2-inch TFT LCD HVGA display
  • Screen resolutions of 480 x 320 pixels
  • 156MB phone memory
  • Up to 32GB microSD card support
  • 5-mega pixel camera with LED flash light
  • 30fps rate video playing
  • 7x zoom level
  • 3x brightness level
  • Speaker phone
  • G-sensor, E-compass, Proximity Sensor
  • E-mail
  • Push Email
  • GPRS 32-48 kbps
  • EDGE 236.8 kbps
  • 3G - 3.5G (HSDPA)
  • Wi-Fi Yes
  • JAVA
  • GPS - With A-GPS support
  • Motion sensor
  • Bluetooth version 2.0 with EDR
  • USB cable connectivity
  • Linux Support - Yes
  • Battery-
  • Talk Time - 6 hours (3G) /  7 hours (2G)
  • Standby- 590 hours (3G) /  400 hours (2G)
Sales Package- Spice Mi-300 Mobile Handset, Corded Stereo Headset, Spice Battery, Spice Travel Charger, USB Data Cable, User Manual, Spice Service Center List SPICE MI 300 PRICE IN INDIA :

Plus point- Cheap and comes 3.2 inch large touch screen ,have great android community support. Minus point- Weak battery and average quality audio output.

Sep 19, 2010

New Release Salix OS 13.1.1 "Xfce Live", "LXDE Live" 6 Month Ranking - 29

Salix Linux is Expert in making light Linux distro that can run on any machine .This time they bought their latest XFCE and LXDE Live Distro .

George Vlahavas has announced the availability of two live editions of Salix OS - with Xfce or LXDE desktops, and integrated hard disk installers: "We are very pleased to announce the immediate dual release of Salix Live 13.1.1 as well as Salix Live 13.1.1 LXDE edition. Both live CDs closely match their respective counterparts - Salix 13.1.1 standard release and Salix 13.1.1 LXDE edition, with the added inclusion of all bug fixes and security updates that have since been made available. As with previous versions, Salix Live is based on the tried and proven Linux-Live scripts that have been natively upgraded to support kernel along with the latest Squashfs 4.0 with LZMA compression and Aufs2 file system. LiveClone utility is a new addition that has also been natively developed to assist you with the creation of your very own customized live CDs or USB drives." Here is the full release announcement. Download (MD5): salixlive-13.1.1.iso (667MB), salixlive-lxde-13.1.1.iso (527MB).


Sep 15, 2010

OpenSuse 11.3 indepth Review by ThinkDigit

OpenSUSE is one of those few Linux distributions that gives you a choice of desktop environment while you are installing it, and doesn’t treat KDE or Gnome as a primary option. Both environments have equal support from openSUSE and are equally customized. Until a previous version (openSUSE 11.1) the installation would not even have a default desktop environment selected, and you would need to select one of KDE or Gnome before installing. Even now all that has changed is that the option of KDE comes selected by default, to ease the choice for new users. Besides Gnome and KDE, the openSUSE DVD version even offers XFCE, LXDE as an option along with a minimal X Windows environment, or text-mode for servers; all on the same DVD.

This might not mean much for newcomers to the Linux world; however….

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Jul 25, 2010

Fastest OS on the world its Puppy 5 Lucid

Fastest OS on the world its Puppy 5 Lucid:
This is first review of Puppy 5 lucid which is Ubuntu based. It is the fastest OS I used ever,it feels better than DSL.So I am going to share my Experience with you.
Screen Shots-

My Test Machine:

AMD64 3000+ Processor
MSI Motherboard
512 DDR II Ram
ESPON C 58 Printer
Samsung Monitor.


I took a iso image from internet it was about 130 MB in size and burned using K3B of PCLunuxOS 2009.1. It was a live CD so I went for a Test Drive.It provides such tones of feature like it has everything from word processor to intant massenger. Booting from Live CD was fast from any other distro's Harddisk boot so imagine how fast it is. Actually it runs fully on RAM that is the secret.

What’s New In This Release
Quickpet is a great addition to Puppy Linux that lets you easily add more programs and drivers with one click. You can access Quickpet by clicking on the icon on the desktop.
The Quickpet menu is broken down into the following categories of applications (pets):
Popular Pets
Clan Bomber
Internet Pets
Useful Pets
Lxmusic Versatile Music Player
Dia Diagram Editor
Cinelerra Video Editing
JRE Java Runtime Environment
Foxit Reader
Radeon HD
Nvidia 195
Lucid Puppy Update

Bottom Line: 
Easy Install to hard disk is not there,an expert can only cofigure its boot loader.

Final words:
Puppy 5 is a tremendous success. The boot sequence has been improved; it looks nicer, more polished and is more streamlined. The desktop is even more refined. You get tons of great programs. Then, there's Quick pet. Everything works out of the box, including Wireless, Samba, multimedia playback. All of this in just 130MB.