Mar 31, 2009

Linux Mint 6 Review : Linux 2u

When come to true Linux experience then how can we forget Linux mint, its really a very good developing distro based on ubuntu 8.10 has every thing from security to gr8 multimedia experience. So , I am going to depict my 1st experience with Linux Mint 6.

My Test Machine:
AMD64 3000+ Processor
MSI Motherboard
512 DDR II Ram
ESPON C 58 Printer
Samsung Monitor

Installation :
Everyone who installed Mint or ubuntu 8.10 pleased with installation process except me because its take a lot of time and hang all the time. So I choose Safe graphics mode for installtion , it went smooth but process take more then 20 minutes to install. Bluetooth application was totally null and void I couldn't send a single file to my mobile. as happened with Ubuntu . My Printer is detected but no driver is available for it as it happened with all distro's I tried yet.

Desktop Experience:
I am fade up with its graphics so I created my own.Mounting windows partition always so a error massage but it works can see my mint deskttop below..

Click on the image to see larger
So How was it. If you want this wallpaper , panel background then please send a e-mail to me. Overall desktop experience is good.

Software Selection:
I am pleased with software selection as it includes Thunderbird compare to windows type Evolution beside it has m player, firewall , giver a file sharing application & open office 2.4 . They could provide open office 3 but they sticked to 2.4 why I don't know.

Multimedia Experience:
Gr8 but I don't think totem is a good media player compared to kaffaine a application of KDE. Setting for m player is not good so I maually configured it. Rhthmbox is simply gr8 but embeded visualization freezes it many times.

Final Verdict:
I love it but advise mint community to do something tto reduce installation time don't ssticck to ubuntu all the times.
My Rating 3.7/5.

Mar 22, 2009

DistroLove : Krazy-Indians

The main aim of DistroLove to tells us our love toward Linux or open -source.

List of Most Popular Distro Release:
  • PCLINUXOS -[ KDE/Genome] - Multimedia Supported
  • SimpleMepies -[KDE]- Multimedia Supported
  • Linux Mint -[KDE/Genome/XFCE]- Multimedia Supported
  • Sabayon -[ KDE/Genome] - Multimedia & Games Supported