Dec 26, 2010

Linux Mint Debian (201012) released!

Linux Mint released its Debian based distro (201012). It is their own distro taking Debian as development platform and actually they also got huge Linux user support. Linux Experts is also seeing opportunities in its Debian version.

Linux Mint Debian (201012) Screen shot :
Linux Mint Debian (201012)

Editor's Quick Review : Its Damn fast on my old machine which doesn't support Compiz fusion. Its Linux so Virus free , detected all my hadware also my Samsung C 5130 3G phone. I am using my phone as my internet device and BSNL 3G is really fast. I am using this distro for one day and it did not crash for a single time.
I am using 64 bit edition , facing flash problem in Mozilla Firefox. I am tesing this distro and with in a week E will share my experience till then please wait.

"Whats new in this release :

  • All Mint 10 features
  • 64-bit support
  • Performance boost (using cgroup, the notorious “4 lines of code better than 200″ in user-space)
  • Installer improvements (multiple HDDs, grub install on partitions, swap allocation, btrfs support)
  • Better fonts (Using Ubuntu’s libcairo, fontconfig and Ubuntu Font Family) and language support (ttf-wqy-microhei, ttf-sazanami-mincho, ttf-sazanami-gothic installed by default)
  • Better connectivity and hardware support (pppoe, pppoeconf, gnome-ppp, pppconfig, libgl1-mesa-dri, libgl1-mesa-glx, libgl1-mesa-dev, mesa-utils installed by default)
  • Better sound support (addressing conflicts between Pulse Audio and Flash)
  • Updated software and packages
If you’re new to LMDE, welcome to Linux Mint Debian. Enjoy the release, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!"

DOWNLOAD LINK ->>  [32-bit] [64-bit]


Dec 22, 2010

OPERA 11 Final - World's Fastest Browser

Opera Software debuted the newest version of its award-winning browser , Opera 11 ,combines elegant design, smart updates to some of its most popular features and new ways to customize Opera to your preferences
According to Opera's Website it is World Fastest browser.
"The Carakan JavaScript engine has been further enhanced to run more quickly than ever! This makes Opera 11 the fastest browser on Earth in many performance tests. Even complex webpages load and run with lightning speed."

What’s new in OPERA 11 -
  • Tab stacking—Keep many webpages organized easily with Opera's tab-stacking capabilities.
  • A more secure address field—Hide the complexity of long web addresses and help you stay safe when browsing.
  • Extensions—Add new functionality from Opera's extensions catalog with a single click.
  • Visual mouse gestures—Learn how to perform many browser actions quickly, with only a mouse.
  • Search suggestions—Get Google search predictions in your address field and speed up searching.
  • Mail panel upgrade—Drag accounts and mail items where you want them.
  • Plug-ins only on demand—Have plug-ins ...............
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