Jan 31, 2010

My Dream Light Weight Linux : Linux2u

My Dream Light Weight Linux : Linux2u

My Computer is quite older so I am thinking of using a light weight powerful Distro that comes in 250MB size.
It think that in future Linux maker will going to make such distro.

The  Distro should have the following:
> XFCE 5( will be launched in future)
> GPRS/3G Software for easy net connect
> Latest + old Hardware drivers
>Multimedia :
* VLC media player and Mplayer
>Word Processor :
*Abiword (Faster than Openoffice' Writer and MS Word)
Gnumeric 2(Faster than Openoffice' spreadsheet and MS excel)
* I am worried no alternative available right now, so thinking it will be soon resolved by our open source Community.
>No Flash, no moonlight
>Mozilla Firefox 4
>Opera 11
> A FTP  Software
>Instant Massenger
*Once again I  am worried no IM is  good in my opinion. So a  link to htto://www.meebo.com will work and save space also.
> No graphical boot
>Simple  Root Privilege option
> A Facebook and Twitter Client is must.
>A Software for blogging.

This is the my dream lightweight distro, may be this blog draws some attention to Linux Distro maker and future we would use it.
Please comment if you can add something to it.

Jan 27, 2010

Internet Explorer become so risky

Internet Explorer become so risky try  secure fast browser like mozilla firefox ,Google Chrome,opera and konqueror.

Latest stable version Browser release :

Firefox 3.6
World's No.1 browser in any term now with Personas,which are easy-to-install themes that help you personalize the look of your Firefox. Many security and bug fix and it is faster then previous version.
Licence: Free
Size:Windows (8MB)Download 

 Google Chrome 4.0:
Fastest browser by Google, but lacks some features, interface is easy to use and looks beautiful.
Licence: Free

Size:Windows (11.9 MB)

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:Tiny Core Linux 2.8 : Linux2u
Released Amarok 2.2.2 try it : DistroLove 
SimplyMEPIS 8.0.15 Review: Distrolove 
Installing Multimedia Codecs to Ubuntu 9.10 karmic 
Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala better than ever 
Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala better than ever

Jan 25, 2010

Tiny Core Linux 2.8 : Linux2u

Tiny Core Linux 2.8 : Linux2u

Robert Shingledecker has announced the release of Tiny Core Linux 2.8, the world's
smallest graphical distribution: "Tiny Core Linux 2.8 is now posted. The theme for
this release is to have a single directory for extensions and dependencies. This
greatly improves systems resources by having a single copy of dependencies and it
also greatly improves flexibility in 'moving' applications present upon boot,
dependency auditing, and both batch and selective updating. Change log: updated
FLTK to 1.1.10; updated FLWM with more traditional close button layout; updated
app browser to support new on boot.lst and extension support structure; updated
appsaudit - new menu section OnBoot to support maintenance of onboot.lst; updated
and reorganized cpanel, added 'OnDemand', 'TCE Update', 'USB Install', 'Run Command',
'Xkill', and 'Xvesa Setup'...." Read the rest of the release announcement for a more detailed list of changes.

Change log:
* Updated FLTK to v1.1.10.
* Updated FLWM with more traditional close button layout.
* Updated appbrowser to support new onboot.lst & extension support structure.
* Updated appsaudit - new menu section OnBoot to support maintenance of onboot.lst.
* Updated appsaudit including new "Updates" menu option to "check for updates and selective update.
* Updated appsaudit to allow  selective removal of items from "marked for deletion"
* Updated and reorganized cpanel, added "OnDemand". "TCE Update", "USB Install", "Run Command", "Xkill", and "Xvesa Setup"
* Updated "Select Mirror"/tcemirror for easy selection from repository mirrors.
* Updated "ab" shell appbrowser for more consistent input handling of single character answers.
* Updated tce-setup, tce-load, and tce-audit to support new onboot.lst &extension support structure.
* Updated tce-load to allow miltiple loading, e.g., tce-load -i *.tcz
* Updated tce-load to drop ".tcz" requirement.
* Updated tce-update to prompt before beginning easy mode batch update operation.
* Updated tce-update for selective interaction via CLI options "query", "list", and "update".
* Updated rc.shutdown by reverse umount loops to support tcvd virtual drive.
* Updated udev rules for much quicker boot times with loop mount extensions.
* Updated rebuildfstab for faster response.
* Updated filetool.sh to ignore sockets.
* Updated tc-terminal-server typo.
* Updated tc-config PXE to support new extension structrure - thanks to Gerald Clark
* Updated cd_dvd_symlinks.sh for better multiple cd and dvd devices.
* Updated tce-fetch.sh to cleanup old dual repository support.
* New /opt/tcemirror replaces /opt/.tcrc
* Updated /opt/.filetool.lst for tcemirror
* Dropped symlinker by using builtin cp construct.
* Dropped GNU ftp and dropbearmulti from base.

This is the smallest distro, so it is super fast compared to other distro. Please give a try .


Jan 12, 2010

SimplyMEPIS 8.0.15 Review: Distrolove

Warren Woodford has announced the release of SimplyMEPIS8.0.15, a new update of the beginner-friendly distribution based on Debian's stable branch.

What's New in SimplyMEPIS 8.0.15 : Linux2u.co.cc
> Devian 5
> 2.6.27 Linux kernel

> OpenOffice.org 3.1.1
> Firefox 3.5.6
> BIND 9.6.1-P2
> Skype
> Mono
> you can play any audio/video files.

Bootable CD Media Type:
MEPIS Linux 8.0 comes in two different versions:

  • MEPIS Linux 32 for 32-bit architecture
  • MEPIS Linux 64 for 64-bit architecture
Easy, Smooth and Fast thats why people love it.
Installation Guide can be found here

Screen shot:
Want see the Screen shots of SimplyMEPIS 8.0.15 visit here

A solid,Secure and fast desktop using KDE 3.5 family. Out of box Codecs is there, so no problems playing MP3, DVD file.

KDE 4.X is missing.

Conclusion: give a try and you can judge yourself how good is the OS.


Released Amarok 2.2.2 try it : DistroLove

Announced on January 11th, Amarok 2.2.2 brings some interesting improvements and lots of bug fixes since previous releases. But there are also some new features in Amarok 2.2.2, such as the return of the highly anticipated "Custom Labels," which allows users to add a personal touch to their music collection. Furthermore, the moodbar was added to make their music experience more colorful by allowing users to change the progress bar according to their current mood (angry, frozen, normal, or happy).

Whats NEW in  Amarok 2.2.2 :
· Automatic disable of Dynamic mode, if the playlist is replaced;
· Ability to resize auto sized (invisible) elements in the inline playlist editor;
· Ability to search file names with the music collection search filter;
· Disabled automatic detection of character set for tags (enable it from Setings -> Collection);
· Playlist sorting was enhanced to allow highlighting of order inversion arrow.



Jan 5, 2010

Installing Multimedia Codecs to Ubuntu 9.10 karmic :Linux2u

Installing Multimedia Codecs to Ubuntu 9.10 karmic

Installing Codecs in Ubuntu 9.10 become pain, since it is Ubuntu best release. I am going to tell how I installed Multimedia Codecs.
First  you enable  multiverse repositories. Simple by opening  terminal and type or copy this
sudo apt-get update

make sure you have active internet connection.Remember it requires your root password, after providing password it downloads some stuff and you are ready to do what you want. close terminal and open ubuntu one and install any software or through synaptic you can install  VLC, Mplayer, Banshee and lots  more. My advice is to install Mplayer or VLC because totem cannot play .dat file smoothly.

if you want to install Mplayer with command line then open terminal and type or copy this
sudo apt-get install mplayer


Support for WMV, RealMedia and other formats has been bundled into the w32codecs package.
install Codecs using the following command
sudo apt-get install w32codecs libdvdcss2

Now I can Enjoy the World's no. one distro(Gnome).
If you have anything known better than me please comment.