Jan 25, 2010

Tiny Core Linux 2.8 : Linux2u

Tiny Core Linux 2.8 : Linux2u

Robert Shingledecker has announced the release of Tiny Core Linux 2.8, the world's
smallest graphical distribution: "Tiny Core Linux 2.8 is now posted. The theme for
this release is to have a single directory for extensions and dependencies. This
greatly improves systems resources by having a single copy of dependencies and it
also greatly improves flexibility in 'moving' applications present upon boot,
dependency auditing, and both batch and selective updating. Change log: updated
FLTK to 1.1.10; updated FLWM with more traditional close button layout; updated
app browser to support new on boot.lst and extension support structure; updated
appsaudit - new menu section OnBoot to support maintenance of onboot.lst; updated
and reorganized cpanel, added 'OnDemand', 'TCE Update', 'USB Install', 'Run Command',
'Xkill', and 'Xvesa Setup'...." Read the rest of the release announcement for a more detailed list of changes.

Change log:
* Updated FLTK to v1.1.10.
* Updated FLWM with more traditional close button layout.
* Updated appbrowser to support new onboot.lst & extension support structure.
* Updated appsaudit - new menu section OnBoot to support maintenance of onboot.lst.
* Updated appsaudit including new "Updates" menu option to "check for updates and selective update.
* Updated appsaudit to allow  selective removal of items from "marked for deletion"
* Updated and reorganized cpanel, added "OnDemand". "TCE Update", "USB Install", "Run Command", "Xkill", and "Xvesa Setup"
* Updated "Select Mirror"/tcemirror for easy selection from repository mirrors.
* Updated "ab" shell appbrowser for more consistent input handling of single character answers.
* Updated tce-setup, tce-load, and tce-audit to support new onboot.lst &extension support structure.
* Updated tce-load to allow miltiple loading, e.g., tce-load -i *.tcz
* Updated tce-load to drop ".tcz" requirement.
* Updated tce-update to prompt before beginning easy mode batch update operation.
* Updated tce-update for selective interaction via CLI options "query", "list", and "update".
* Updated rc.shutdown by reverse umount loops to support tcvd virtual drive.
* Updated udev rules for much quicker boot times with loop mount extensions.
* Updated rebuildfstab for faster response.
* Updated filetool.sh to ignore sockets.
* Updated tc-terminal-server typo.
* Updated tc-config PXE to support new extension structrure - thanks to Gerald Clark
* Updated cd_dvd_symlinks.sh for better multiple cd and dvd devices.
* Updated tce-fetch.sh to cleanup old dual repository support.
* New /opt/tcemirror replaces /opt/.tcrc
* Updated /opt/.filetool.lst for tcemirror
* Dropped symlinker by using builtin cp construct.
* Dropped GNU ftp and dropbearmulti from base.

This is the smallest distro, so it is super fast compared to other distro. Please give a try .


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