Jan 31, 2010

My Dream Light Weight Linux : Linux2u

My Dream Light Weight Linux : Linux2u

My Computer is quite older so I am thinking of using a light weight powerful Distro that comes in 250MB size.
It think that in future Linux maker will going to make such distro.

The  Distro should have the following:
> XFCE 5( will be launched in future)
> GPRS/3G Software for easy net connect
> Latest + old Hardware drivers
>Multimedia :
* VLC media player and Mplayer
>Word Processor :
*Abiword (Faster than Openoffice' Writer and MS Word)
Gnumeric 2(Faster than Openoffice' spreadsheet and MS excel)
* I am worried no alternative available right now, so thinking it will be soon resolved by our open source Community.
>No Flash, no moonlight
>Mozilla Firefox 4
>Opera 11
> A FTP  Software
>Instant Massenger
*Once again I  am worried no IM is  good in my opinion. So a  link to htto://www.meebo.com will work and save space also.
> No graphical boot
>Simple  Root Privilege option
> A Facebook and Twitter Client is must.
>A Software for blogging.

This is the my dream lightweight distro, may be this blog draws some attention to Linux Distro maker and future we would use it.
Please comment if you can add something to it.


  1. XFCE is not lightweight enough, LXDE is. I think Lubuntu 10.04 will do the trick!

  2. With the number of different versions of Puppy Linux including basically what your asking for, why aren't you downloading one now! Look around you and see what you can find.

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