Jan 3, 2012

Mozilla Firefox 64 bit benchmark beats chromium 17

Today I am going to share World most trusted browser Firefox benchmark. Today every browser is going to be fastest as possible. Chrome is releasing cycle is to short now Firefox is also following the same game.

My Test Machine:
Acer emachines e732z
Intel dual core 2.13 GHZ
2GB DDR3 Ram
OS :OpenSuse 12.1 Gnome
Browser : Firefox 8 64 bit

Note : Result very on system , if you have faster system result will be better.

Acid test :
Now firefox got 100% in this test ,improving its previous record 97%

Sunspider :

Content Version: sunspider-0.9.1- excellent  297.9ms

  Opera's 11.52 64 bit result were very close


RESULTS (means and 95% confidence intervals)
Total:                  320.7ms +/- 1.2%

chromium 17 64 bit was 378.44ms


Google's V8 benchmarch

Firefox Score

Score: 3430
Richards: 5048
DeltaBlue: 3435
Crypto: 5492

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