Nov 28, 2010

Fedora 14 is not for Novice

Fedora is quite popular distro and now I am going to depict experience with Fedora 14. I feel it not for novice user so I provide a easy to use Codec installation for novice user.

Distrowatch Ranking - 2

My Test Machine:

AMD64 3000+ Processor
MSI Motherboard
ESPON C 58 Printer
Samsung 15" Monitor.

LIVE CD FEDORA 14 64 bit

First Impression:

I took Gnome Live CD for my experiment. Installation was excellent ; installation was smooth and took less time to Ubuntu 10.10.

FEDORA 14 Screen shot :

Hardware Detection:

Quite impressive,detected all my hardware and also my friend's webcam who uses Lenovo Laptop. So , its simply great. Now one can use Internet using Bluetooth DUN modem.

Software Selection :

Here Fedora lacks behind other distribution.
it lacks

  • Open Office
  • Most famous GIMP
With out  Word Processor and Spreadsheet application imagination of a true desktop is useless. novice user find very difficult to adjust to this desktop. I don't know what fedora packed in their around 700MB Live CD.

Multimedia Experience :
Fedora does not come with any codecs  to play MP3 or any multimedia file. Only one can playopen source format .ogg and ,ogv files. When I want to play MP3 it start searching for suitable Pro gramme and after 15 minute of search it failed to download the codecs. Note during Codec download my computer was connected to internet. I downloaded codecs using console that is quite difficult for Novice user. To make Fedora desktop experience user friendly I am going to share how I downloaded the codecs to my system?

Codec Installation :
Open Terminal Applications > System Tools > Terminal. then su – for a root user . Enter your root password. All the commands are performed as ................

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  1. You _can_ install software other than what's in the base install.

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