Nov 16, 2010

Too many Linux distro makes Windows 7's Success

Everyone has to accept Windows 7 is great success for Microsoft , they got some hard cash , and if you talk about it selling then brakes its record of Selling Windows XP. After the failure of Windows vista Microsoft got an Armour that make him alive in this competitive market .Now Microsoft is preparing to launch WINDOW 7 mobile OS for Mobile Devices.

Windows OS has recently got a competition From Linux but now its seems Linux makes Windows 7 success story. There is more then 1000 Linux distro in the market that makes people confuse which one to choose and where Microsoft hold on its product. There is another competitor of Microsoft and that is MAC but they sell their OS only with their hardware , and it supports only Intel Processor they haven't release yet support for AMD.
Reason goes against Linux  -

  1. More than 1000 distro
  2. Hardware vendor is running after money and not showing his readiness towards Linux ,Most of them doest not provide Drivers to Linux OS .
  3. Top Linux Distro like Ubuntu , Fedora , OpenSuse... fight against themselves.
  4. Release cycle of Linux distro is very short around 6 month , sometimes they releases a buggy OS.
  5. Linux Lack some of Good  software Like Photoshop, AVID, Coreldraw .MS Office  alternates available but these software gaint has  more then 70% market share and not willing to provide a Linux version of this software.
  6. People thought Windows OS is simplest one thats why they don't want to give a try. In market Windows user spread  rum ours that...........

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