Aug 2, 2009

Fedora 11 -Linux 2u

Fedora is quite popular distro and now I am going to depict my experience with Fedora 11 Leonidas.
Fedora 12 Final Release Date:  11th November,2009  after Mandriva 2010 final release.

My Test Machine:

AMD64 3000+ Processor
MSI Motherboard
512 DDR II Ram
ESPON C 58 Printer
Samsung Monitor.

First Impression:

I took KDE 4 as my desktop. Installation was smooth and fast. I took the default EXT4 as my root partition and 4GB swap. The desktop looks prettier than its previous version and its fast and little bit buggy as I can't install codecs from internet. That doesn't matter for me.

Hardware Detection:

Quite impressive,detected all my hardware and also my friend's webcam who uses Lenovo Laptop. So , its simply gr8.

Multimedia :

Due to bug I can't get rich multimedia experience. It doesn't come with codecs require to play all media format. As I am new to fedora please guide me to resolve this problem simply posting comments.

Screen shot:

Conclusion :

I don't thing its a windows xp replacement for newbies. so, the fedora community has work harder to allure newbies.

My Rating : 3.5/5

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