Apr 13, 2010

Which is the best firefox or Opera/chrome /safari part-V

Mozilla Firfox:

World best browser known for its extension,stability,fastness.It is the world most powerfull in terms of feature.
Having a decent score in every test like Acid test (93/100) and others.

Some notable points of Firefox in my test:

Feature and stability  : 10/10
fastness               : 9/10( very good on slow internet)
Virus proof            : 8/10
look and feel          : 7/10
Market Share           : 6/10
OS support             : 10/10(only 32bit and 64 bit windows,Mac,Linux)
               Total   : 50/60
Editor Advice: Just use it,it comes in every size and shape with tons of feature.Lots of tech blog showed
it as a slow browser but they havenot test on slow internet connection.If you have a very fast net connection
then it might be some variation in result(in milli second) but that can be negociable.

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