Jan 24, 2011

Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 9 beats Google Chrome 10 in terms of benchmarks

A web browser is the gateway to internet world , so each and every company  is giving their best to make their browser fast, stable and with tons of feature. forget the era of IE6, now browser are a lot faster, stable , light and took less memory. In this blog I am going to discuss two browser market's best Firefox's beta 9 and most innovative browser Google chrome 10.
Mozilla FirefoxGoogle Chrome

Images were taken from Google image Search

Sunspider-0.9.1 test (lower is better)

Sunspider-0.9.1 benchmark score for Google chrome 10 -  559.2ms ,
Sunspider-0.9.1 benchmark score for firefox beta 9 -  527.1ms ,
here winner is  Mozilla Firefox beta 9.
Want to test your browser for Sunspider test then visit here http://www2.webkit.org/perf/sunspider/sunspider.html

Google Chrome - 100/100
Mozilla Firefox -97/100
Here winner is chrome but firefox manage to get 97/100 may be in its final release can score 100/100.
want to test visit here http://acid3.acidtests.org/

Dromaeo JavaScript Tests(higher is better)
Google Chrome - 118.19runs/s (Total) Result   
Firefox - 184.77runs/s (Total) Result 
Winner here is Firefox.
want to test visit here http://dromaeo.com/?dromaeo

Kraken JavaScript Benchmark Results(lower is better)

Google Chrome -  27852 ms (Total) 
Firefox - 21986.32 ms (Total) 
Winner here is Firefox.
want to test visit here http://krakenbenchmark.mozilla.org/

In my test Firefox is winner , its now in beta so there always remain some big expectation for final release. Please post your views, critics, suggestion through comment. I have above given you the link so you can also test your favorite browser benchmark.

My System Specification : AMD Athlon single core 3000+ ; MSI mother board; 1GB DDR1; Hard Disk 80GB @7200rpm; 15" Samsung CRT Monitor; Graphic Memory 64MB.

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  1. I always use Firefox but I also have Chrome installed. I think Chrome is a little bit faster but I'm more comfortable using Firefox.