Jan 2, 2011

Puppy Linux 5.0 Wary Edition with Screen shot

Barry Kauler, the father of Puppy Linux, has just announced today, December 29th, the immediate availability for download of the Wary edition of the Puppy Linux 5.0 operating system. This edition of Puppy Linux is intended for older hardware!
Puppy Linux 5.0 Wary is an operating system based on Ubuntu OS, but it will allow users to install applications from the Ubuntu software repositories.
Puppy recently show its worthiness in tech world , its seems it took the tag of Fastest OS on the world its Puppy 5 Lucid. Lets see how fast is its wary edition.

Read the release announcement for details information.

Screen shot of Puppy 5 Lucid 
Puppy 5 World Fastest OS

DOWNLOAD Puppy Linux 5.0 Wary
Wary-500.iso (124MB, MD5)

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