Jan 7, 2011

Fastest OS Puppy Lucid 5.2 Quick review

Barry Kauler created Puppy Linux, bringing out version 0.1 in June 2003. Now Puppy Linux
reached its Lucid 5.2 version, an independent, minimalist Linux distribution for the desktop.

What Makes Puppy Lucid 5.2 ?
Over 3 Months in Development - Over 230 pages in the forum - Over 50 contributors

Screen shot of  Puppy Lucid 5.2 :
 Puppy Lucid 5.2
 Puppy Lucid 5.2
What's New in This release :
  • New Quickset dialog to easily setup your system (language/locale and keyboard settings, timezone, video resolution)
  • Browser Installer
  • Browser-Default............
Read more at Cellguru.co.cc

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