Jul 25, 2010

Fastest OS on the world its Puppy 5 Lucid

Fastest OS on the world its Puppy 5 Lucid: Linux2u.co.cc
This is first review of Puppy 5 lucid which is Ubuntu based. It is the fastest OS I used ever,it feels better than DSL.So I am going to share my Experience with you.
Screen Shots-

My Test Machine:

AMD64 3000+ Processor
MSI Motherboard
512 DDR II Ram
ESPON C 58 Printer
Samsung Monitor.


I took a iso image from internet it was about 130 MB in size and burned using K3B of PCLunuxOS 2009.1. It was a live CD so I went for a Test Drive.It provides such tones of feature like it has everything from word processor to intant massenger. Booting from Live CD was fast from any other distro's Harddisk boot so imagine how fast it is. Actually it runs fully on RAM that is the secret.

What’s New In This Release
Quickpet is a great addition to Puppy Linux that lets you easily add more programs and drivers with one click. You can access Quickpet by clicking on the icon on the desktop.
The Quickpet menu is broken down into the following categories of applications (pets):
Popular Pets
Clan Bomber
Internet Pets
Useful Pets
Lxmusic Versatile Music Player
Dia Diagram Editor
Cinelerra Video Editing
JRE Java Runtime Environment
Foxit Reader
Radeon HD
Nvidia 195
Lucid Puppy Update

Bottom Line: 
Easy Install to hard disk is not there,an expert can only cofigure its boot loader.

Final words:
Puppy 5 is a tremendous success. The boot sequence has been improved; it looks nicer, more polished and is more streamlined. The desktop is even more refined. You get tons of great programs. Then, there's Quick pet. Everything works out of the box, including Wireless, Samba, multimedia playback. All of this in just 130MB.


  1. " which is Ubuntu based."
    No it's Woof
    the Puppy package builder
    so it's basically Puppy running Ubuntu.

    Woof can run Slackware , Debian etc.

    " about 1230 MB "
    Should read >>130 MB

    Thanks for your review.


  2. I assume you mean "tons of" not "tones of". Puppy comes with basically everything needed to get to work with your PC. It also has some very nice games.

  3. Still puppy under the hood but able to run ubuntu/debian binaries.

  4. 1230 MB? You must have meant 1230 KB.

  5. Have followed Puppy for years. What has held me back is the hdd install.
    What a shame the
    " Bottom Line:
    Easy Install to hard disk is not there,an expert can only configure its boot loader."
    We have'nt come very far after all.

  6. I installed Puppy using the method outlined on Puppylinux.org in the user manual. I've read that using grubfordos, which is on the Puppy Live CD makes it easy to install the bootloader. I haven't tried it, though. I used the grub bootloader configuration utility, which is on the Live CD, and did have to do a small amount of editing. However, I wouldn't say that it requires an expert to configure it.

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