Sep 22, 2009

Puppy Linux 4.3 -Linux 2u

Its a amazing fast distro and its my 2nd encounter. It has great impact upon me that why should we looking for good looking slow distro while we can go for a super fast distro that is the difference a dial up connection and a broad band connection.

 My Test Machine:

AMD64 3000+ Processor
MSI Motherboard
512 DDR II Ram
ESPON C 58 Printer
Samsung Monitor.


I took a iso image from internet it was about 103 MB in size and burned using K3B of PCLunuxOS 2009.1. It was a live CD so I went for a Test Drive. Its asked some question like monitor resolution , color then it desktop appears I was stunt that in such a small size how it provides such tones of feature like it has everything from word processor to intant massenger. Booting from Live CD was fast from any other distro's Harddisk boot so imagine how fast it is. Actually it runs fully on RAM that is the secret.

Whats New in This Puppy 4.3:

*Super fast EXT4 
* kernel
*all the components updated.
* Pstreamvid. This is a great GUI for playing streaming video. 
 Features of 4.3
Bugs, patches and updated programs
FullerScreen presentation package
Based on 4.2.1
Support for GIt

Support for Vala/Genie (devx)

Screen Shot:

Multimedia Experiance:
Excellent it was really excellent when it came multimedia experience , everything played out of box from MP3 files to VOB. It has GXine for movie playing and Pmusic for Music needs.

It is best for low end computers and perfect for netbooks and sure it is best than windows 98. Now I can say it is a perfect windows killer.

Rating of Puppy 4.3 : 4/5
Ranking on : 7 ahead of ubuntu's KDE themed Kubuntu,PClinuxOS.


  1. It's reached #2 On Distrowatch's Last 7 days ranking!

  2. I Don't think So its remain at #7.

  3. I saw that #2 ranking as well. It's too bad that it didn't last.

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