Sep 22, 2009

Future of Mobile Operating System

Future of Mobile Operating System

Today Google Android platform provide an open source operating system, but if a user want to install Android on his mobile is quite impossible , so what the term open source implies here, in my view Android is not open source,its confined to mobile handset makers only.
There is no installer available for mobile handset, only SDK available. But think about PC there is so much Open Source Linux operating system available in market so no one could tell what will be the number. Handset maker uses Anroid and we have to buy like Mac and windows XP. If Android is really open source then everybody can use it what the mobile phone is.

Some of the Anroid Based Phones:
HTC Touch : Pric e- 30000 INR or 350$

So my question is that is there any OS available for mobile and that is totally open source.

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