Apr 12, 2010

2009 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awards

2009 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awards
From January 8, 2010 to February 9, 2010,
members of the LinuxQuestions.org forum were
given the chance to vote for their favorite Linux
software of 2009. Lets have alook over the result.

Programming Language of the Year: Python
(27.59%), C++ (13.97%), PHP (13.79%)

Desktop Environment of the Year: Gnome
(41.96%), KDE (40.37%), XFCE (11.29%). KDE had

Office Suite of the Year
OpenOffice.org (90.76%),
KOffice (4.47%), Gnome Office (1.88%)

Audio Authoring Application of the Year
Audacity (77.26%), LAME (7.94%), Ardour (7.22%)

Server Distribution of the Year
Debian (24.24%),
Slackware (21.79%), CentOS (15.48%)

Video Authoring Application of the Year
FFmpeg(21.94%), Avidemux (17.30%), mencoder and
Kdenlive (14.35%) (Tie for 3rd place)

Browser of the Year
Firefox (65.21%), Chrome
(13.77%), Opera (9.18%)

Window Manager of the Year
Compiz (23.10%),KWin (19.73%), Fluxbox (16.36%)

Database of the Year
MySQL (60.81%),PostgreSQL (22.65%), sqlite (8.40%)

Open Source Game of the Year
Battle forWesnoth (15.45%), Open Arena (9.27%), Nexuiz

IDE/Web Development Editor of the Year:
Eclipse(23.28%), Netbeans (15.52%), Bluefish and Geany
(9.85%) (Tie for 3rd place)

Text Editor of the Year
vim (35.29%), gedit(15.87%), Kate (10.40%)

Mail Client of the Year
Thunderbird (53.48%),Evolution (14.77%), Kmail (11.38%)

Video Media Player Application of the Year
 VLC(46.05%), mplayer (36.28%), xine (6.36%)
Network Security Application of the Year: Nmap
Security Scanner (29.85%), Wireshark (23.13%),
ClamAv (10.82%)

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