Feb 28, 2010

Distribution Release: Vine Linux 5.1 and NetSecL 2.6

 Source: www.distrowatch.com
Distribution Release: NetSecL 2.6

Iuri Stanchev has announced the release of NetSecL 2.6, a Slackware-based distribution enhanced with with GCC stack smashing protection and other security features: "NetSecL 2.6 released. In the new release you will find QEMU, servers and new penetration tools. We took our time to separate the usual network utilities and penetration tools and add them in a new section. Also, you will find that now we have a section called 'srv' with some server packages in it. There are many updates to the libraries and additional bindings to Perl and Python that we hope will be useful for future programs included with the distribution. You will also find in the distribution ISO a VMX file created with VMmanager which you can use for creating a virtual machine - mount the ISO copy the VMX folder, unmount the ISO (that you just copied), move it to the VMX folder and start it with VMware Player."

release announcement. Download: netsecl-2.6-install.iso (739MB, MD5).

Distribution Release: Vine Linux 5.1
Daisuke Suzuki has announced the release of Vine Linux 5.1 (code name "Cheval Blanc"), a Japanese general-purpose community distribution available for the i386, x86_64 and PowerPC architectures. This is a minor update in the Vine 5.x series that integrates all the bug-fix and security updates announced since the 5.0 release, but otherwise provides no new major features and only a few package version updates. The product's base system remains unchanged. This update was compiled as part of the project's preparation for the two-day Open Source Conference 2010 which starts today in Tokyo, Japan. Read the brief release announcement (in Japanese) and consult the release notes for additional information. Download the installation DVD images from here: Vine51-i386-DVD.iso (1,037MB, SHA1), Vine51-x86_64-DVD.iso (1,027MB, SHA1).

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