Mar 21, 2010

KDE 4.3.4 is lighter than Gnome: Linux2u

KDE 4.3.4 is lighter than Gnome: Linux2u

Strange na but its reality KDE 4.3.4 is lighter than Gnome 2.28.I am going to prove it.On my machine Linux Mint 8 KDE 4.3.4 use only 135 to 160MB Ram while Windows XP 240MB and Gnome take around 210MB. While windows fastest edition Windows 7 uses more than 450MB RAM.Don't believe that KDE 4.3.4 uses 145MB Ram,Lets have a look below.

 So, I was also puzzled when I  saw it. Please share your views about it and write your comment with proof. Please note Ubuntu comes in 700MB while Linux Mint KDE 1.2GB,after that KDE is using so much less RAM using Kick off menu while Gnome use Classic menu so much lighter,if you choose classic menu in KDE RAM utilization will be less.

 Note: Installation of Linux Mint is not smooth as Ubuntu while SimplyMepies 8.5RC1 64 bit perfom better than all distro but its little bit of buggy.KDE desktop on file transfer uses more RAM than Gnome,so KDE  team has to work over this.

Conclusion: KDE is faster than Gnome and Windows 7 and comes with all eye candy that is not available with these two desktop. Windows 7 is fast compare to Vista and XP when come with more than 1GB of RAM.So,its worst in my list.

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  1. the world is much more complicated than you are presenting here.

    what build options does your distro use to build KDE?, what services KDE and non KDE services were set to start at boot time?

    How much memory a desktop shows to be using is not a true representation of how much memory a desktop uses since some of the memory could be used as some sort of a cache to speed things up and the cache could be managed in a way that doesnt slow down the system when memory pressures increase.

    you will be more accurate if you say "my distro uses this amount of memory" than "kde uses this amount of memory" since different distributions build kde differently and may have different processes autostart and will end up consume different amount of memory

  2. amen brother, i'm running debian squeeze with kde 4.3.4 and runs very nice. Only 164MB max of 249MB total, and 23 MB in swap. Gnome goes to <=215MB.

    Note: I'm not running with Desktop Effects, Compiz, etc. just full plain desktop.

  3. What You Forget to mention is it's also a whole lot crappier then Gnome as well!

    Users can gladly expect to have Plasma crash on them multiple times and lose all there work and configuration! Users adjusting the panel size will notice that they just lost all there desktop arrangements and icons! "It's just so wonderful to use KDE4" what i do get done i appreciate that i didn't lose! Thanks KDE!

  4. I am running Kubuntu 9.10 on my 4 year old desktop, my wife's dell mini 9 netbook as well as the 2nd hand Acer laptop I bought my mom that runs a Celeron chip (5-6 yrs old) and KDE4.3 runs great.

    Its made switching family over to Linux much easier than I thought it would be.

  5. Ubuntu when idle condition take 160-170MB ram and when all the software loaded its take 190-220MB ram.
    My NEXT Blog Ubuntu vs Kubuntu with srceen shots, which one is better.
    if you want then I can mail you the blog is posted, just subscribe to us or write your email id on comment

  6. I have 4GB of RAM on my laptop. Guess what? I don't give a f*ck about how much memory KDE consumes (the same applies to Gnome, of course). But still, i will never use KDE4 because it's just plain ugly and broken compared to KDE3.

  7. I love KDE and waiting for KDE 5 release because gnome 3 not so good