Oct 11, 2009

Mandriva 2010 RC2 : Linux2u

Release Date: October 10th, 2009
Final Release Date: 3rd November,2009 ahead of openSuse 11.2.

Mandriva is quite popular Distro and always remains within top ten list of distrowatch.com's list of top 100 Linux Distro.

Whats New
(Source: http://blog.mandriva.com/)

"This RC2 version is all focused on bug fixing but you will find also
  • Moblin: enjoy new environment for mobile Linux desktops. Easy and ergonomic, Mandriva Linux is the first distribution to integrate it in free distribution. Installing it is easy: install task-moblin package in rpmdrake and choose Moblin in connection manager.
  • kde 4.3.2: this is the latest stable version of KDE4 environment. Enjoy innovation and stability!
  • GNOME 2.28: use your favorite environment in its latest version.
  • Poulsbo: One isos include now Poulsbo drivers. Using it is so easy: just let Mandriva detection tools do the job!
  • guest account: allow somebody else to use safely your environment. It’s as easy as a click!
  • Nepomuk: integration is still improved. Help us to promote this innovation for desktop. "
> RC2 comes also with Guest account enabled by default. You can use it to allow somebody to use safely your system.

> RC2 release integrates Amarok 2.2 final

> GNOME 2.28 finally lands in RC2 release of Mandriva Linux 2010. To read review of Gnome 2.28 Click here 

> urpmi and URPM come with many improvements to help resolving complex dependencies. Example: upgrade from an old version of the distribution to a newer one.

> Python 3 is now available.

> Want to rest Mandriva 2010 RC 2.

Mirror List:  Click here

I am going to test Mandriva 2010 Rc2 soon.

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