Jun 18, 2010

ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 Beta 1 Release

ClearOS  : Linux2u
Clear Foundation has announced the availability of the first beta release of ClearOS 5.2, a CentOS-based distribution for small servers, firewalls and gateways: "The ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 Beta 1 release is here. Apart from squashing the important bugs, the big news with this release is the available upgrade path from ClearOS 5.1. Please keep in mind that this is still a beta, so proceed with the usual caution. Other changes since 5.2 Alpha 1 include: completed password policy engine; fixed disk usage report; updated SpamAssassin; many bug fixes. New in version 5.2: password policy engine; detailed disk usage reporting; network traffic analyzer tool; custom firewall tool; H323 support; mail aliases added to directory (improved support for Google Apps, Zarafa); base system upgraded to CentOS 5.5."

Read the full release notes for more details.

Download ClearOS
Download (MD5)
ClearOS-enterprise-5.2-beta1.iso (696MB).

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